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MY Brother (John) & My Best Friend (Stephen)

I've known these guys my whole life and I would do anything to help them. When they showed an interest in my pipes and asked to try their hand at making one, I was more than happy to get them started. They both had a blast making their own pipes and it started a fire in them. We are discussing the possibility of them joining J.Deschaine Smoking Pipes after they retire from their current jobs. I'll keep you posted.

A Family Affair

Jim was born and raised in northern California. He has lived in the Sierra Foothills for the last 23 years.  He is currently employed by a local utility company where he is a certified welder. Jim spends his free time in the shop making pipes, turning ashtrays and bowls. 

Jack was born in Upper Michigan and moved to northern California when he was a teenager. He has lived in the Sierra Foothills for the last 20 years. He worked for a local utility company for 38 years before he retired. He also has more than 40 years of experience in wood working.

Jack (aka Pop)

                                  I’m sorry,but I am currently sold out of pipes and I am working on commissioned pipes. Please check back later. 

The Future

Ryan and Eric are my nephews and I'm very proud of them both. They are hard workers and have great futures ahead of them. They are very creative and artistic. They are very detail oriented and pay close attention to the fine details.  Both young men have made several pipes and each one gets better and better. If they choose to move forward with their pipe making I'm sure we will be offering their pipes right here in the future.

REMINGTON - My little buddy. He is a lot of company out in the shop. His favorite shape is a BullDog.

We use the finest materials that we can obtain. Currently we are using Italian briar, Plateaux and Ebauchon blocks. Most of the J. Deschaine pipes sport a German Ebonite or Cumberland hand cut stem by Jim but we do occasionally  use Lucite for ourcollaboration pipes or upon request.

 Welcome to J. Deschaine Smoking Pipes. We are a father and son team working side by side in our small shop located in the beautiful California Sierra Foothills. We have been involved in wood working for the last 30 plus years.

Special Shapes